Getting to Know Us

Welcome to Botham, INK. • More Than Words.

Why INK. and not inc.? The answer is two-fold. First, the business was founded on the belief that earned media and public relations live at the heart of any great marketing campaign. And while our work in earned media now extends far beyond the traditional ink on a page, INK. is a nod to our PR roots.  Secondly, we wanted there to be something obviously different about the way we approach business. INK. was the natural fit.

So who are we?

We are a team of talented, smart, creative public relations, marketing and graphic design professionals with experience and interest in the life sciences, specialty food and agriculture, lifestyle branding, new product development and in issue-related campaigns for civic- and political consensus building. We are consultants who work to develop and implement campaigns that bring your messaging and your brand to life and sustain it through changing technology, changing economies and changing political environments. We believe in the power of the written word (yes, we are gifted writers) to tell brand stories that energize, engage, persuade, motivate, humor and endear. Strong visuals only enhance our words — and often communicate without them —  to convey powerful, memorable messages. We are, More Than Words.

A little about our history

Founded by Sarah Fletcher in 1988 as Sarah J. Fletcher & Associates, we became Botham, INK. after Sarah Fletcher married Peter Botham in 1995 and changed her name and the company name accordingly. Proudly acknowledging our 30 years in business, we have thrived through challenging economic environments, big growth spurts and careful, calculated downsizing. We succeed through unparalleled attention to client needs, creative vision, brilliant writing, market research and implementation that drives results. We know our clients, we know their businesses and we know that we only really succeed when they do.

For clients and for ourselves, success drives all that we do. Success lives here.

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