Public Relations

We believe that earned media and public relations should live at the heart of any marketing or branding campaign. Botham, INK provides PR services in placement campaign development, research, materials and message development, earned media placement, scheduling, delivery and follow up.


Great PR begins with an understanding of the media channels and reporter- and influencer audiences who will review, assess and cover a company story. In an ever-evolving, fast-paced 24-hour news cycle, reporters are bombarded with story opportunities from every angle and at every turn. Well-written, concise, clear messaging that tells a story in a way that audiences can understand, relate to and find of interest moves our pitches higher in a reporter’s priority list and enhances the likelihood of coverage.

Sarah began her career as a newspaper reporter (in many ways that’s where her heart still resides). That experience means she can see a story from both sides — client and reporter — and lead the team to craft it in a way that provides newsworthy meaning and achieves client goals. We know PR because we are perpetual consumers of the news in all of its many facets and channels. We tell stories well, with heart, with meaning, with careful attention to messaging, positioning and brand.