KNOW YOUR BRAND™ workshops

Our branding workshops lead you and your team through an exhausting, but really fun, half- or full-day of brand conversation resulting in solid takeaways for messaging, identity, packaging and more. Refresh your existing brand, or envision a new one. We ask the hard questions, challenge the answers and break the brand apart so it can be rebuilt. From startups to established brands we know that brand development starts here. 

The KNOW YOUR BRAND™ workshop is an opportunity to define and assess essential elements related to brand personality, company perception, target audiences, competitors and market positioning. 

Following a KNOW YOUR BRAND™ workshop the Botham, INK team generates a messaging framework and a plan of actionable strategies and insights based on workshop outcomes. This foundation is designed to grow with your brand over time and facilitate development and implementation of subsequent marketing plans. 

Questions? We would love to chat! Email [email protected] or give us a call 608.437.2202.