Using thoughtfully curated, all-Wisconsin products, WiscoBoxes creates exquisitely designed, themed gift boxes for personal- and corporate gifting. The gift boxes feature high-quality Wisconsin growers, producers and artisan manufacturers who truly embody the spirit of Wisconsin.

Botham, INK services: 

  • Market research
  • Marketing plan
    • Audience profiles
    • Strategy with supported tactics
    • Implementation
  • Public relations services
    • Message development
    • Earned media placement
    • Press release scheduling, delivery and follow up
  • Advertising
    • Target-market profiling
    • Traditional- and digital media planning and placement
    • Analytics
  • Content and graphics creation
    • Logo design
    • Label design
    • Collateral print materials
    • Digital content and ads
  • Website production and maintenance
  • Branding
    • Strategy
    • Development
    • Market positioning
    • Event management